10 Tips On How To Lose Weight Without Losing Curves

You are probably wondering whether you can lose weight while still keeping your curves, right?

Unfortunately, when you are on a weight loss journey, you cannot fully control which excess fat to get rid of and which places you want to keep it.

lose weight without curves

You cannot reduce excess fat from your stomach alone while keeping your butt and thighs in shape.

You can follow a proper diet and regime that burns excess calories and builds muscle mass which in turn can maintain your curves.

In this article, I have listed ten tips on how to lose weight without losing curves

10 Tips To Lose Weight Without Losing Curves

#1. Pay Attention To Your Body Fat

The whole point of losing weight is to burn the excess fat. But you need to have a certain level of fat between 20 to 25 percent to let your muscles develop while still providing proper padding and curves on your body.

Body Fat

You should also not overeat or consume supplements that can shoot up your body fat. This will, in turn, increase your body fat.

Hence monitor your body fat percentage to ensure that you do not lose so much fat that your existing curves disappear.

#2. Avoid Skipping Meals Altogether

You might think that you can get away by skipping your meals which will help to lose weight. That is not entirely true.

You can reduce a significant amount of weight by skipping your meals, you are also risking your existing muscle mass and curves.

You can control the calories you consume. This phenomenon will increase the calories you burn through your exercise.

Also, skipping meals can result in fatigue, and you are on the verge of missing your essential nutrients. 

Skipping meals also means you have less amount of energy in your body to bodily exercises which will help you in your weight loss journey. 

#3. Include The Right Amount Of Protein In Your Diet

You lose your curves as the muscles mass in your body decreases. 

Protein allows your body to repair its muscles and tissues. This process is essential to preserve your curves while your body goes through a fat loss journey.

Protein-rich food

Your lean body mass is defined by your body weight minus your fat.

For example, if you weigh 60 kg and have 25% body fat, your lean body mass is 45 kg.

Here, you should aim between 1.5 kg to 2.5 gram protein per kg of your lean body mass.

Protein-rich food that you need to include in your diet

  • Egg whites
  • Lean meats
  • Soy
  • Beans
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Low-fat dairy products

#4. Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercise is all about the movement of your body. The more you move your body, the more calories you burn each day. This process ultimately helps you in your weight loss journey. 

The amount of cardio exercise and the intensity at which you do it increases, you can see beneficial effects on your body composition and weight. 

Cardio Exercise
Two friends do sports in Munich

Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio workout. And on alternate days, you can aim for 15 minutes of high intensity workouts. 

Here is a list of cardio workout which can do on alternate day basis

Moderate intensity cardio workouts

  • Brisk walking
  • Jogging 
  • Walking on a treadmill
  • Cycling under 10 miles per hour 
  • Swimming 
  • Playing sports like tennis, badminton

High intensity workouts

  • Jump Squat
  • High knees
  • Jump lunge
  • Toe touches
  • Star jumps

Note – Concentrating just on your cardio exercises affects your curves. Weight training is essential to build muscle mass and retain your curves. Dedicate 80% of your time to cardio workouts and 20% on your weight training. Do not completely neglect weight training.

#5. Weight Training

There is a myth that you need to focus more on cardio workouts rather than weight training exercises to lose your excess weight. 

By following this process, you are unknowingly losing your curves as well and that is where weight training plays an important role.

And if you just follow your cardio workout neglecting your weight training altogether, you are losing one-fourth of your muscle mass instead of fat. This is where your existing curves disappear.

The muscle you can build with weight training can help you develop and retain your curves while replacing fat from those parts of your body.

Weight Training

Follow at least three weight training workouts a week. Try to include 4 to 6 different weight training exercises targeting your major muscle groups.  

At first start with 6 repetitions and go on till 12 repetitions as you get comfortable with the weights.

Weight training exercises which you can follow

  • Dual cable lat pull down
  • Straight arm lat pull down
  • Barbell hip thrusts
  • Rope pull down
  • Cable side kicks
  • Reverse close grip pull down

#6. Eat Your Heavy Meal Post Workout

Your body is short on carbs and starches after your intense workout. Your body also needs sugar at that stage to break down your muscle tissue.

Your insulin sensitivity and metabolism is the highest post-workout. You can take advantage of this situation and enjoy your biggest meal when your body craves the most.

This phenomenon reduces unwanted fats to settle in your body as it quickly gets burned. The entire process leads to weight loss and keeps your curves intact.

Heavy Meal
Kantoke thai food traditionally meal set

#7. Consume Food Which Produces Leptin

Leptin is a hormone in your body that regulates your fat, hunger and energy spent. 

The less amount of leptin hormone in your body, the more you feel hungry and crave for foods, especially sugar. This will completely tarnish your weight loss journey. 

Lack of leptin in your body will make you gain weight quickly, messing up the existing curves you have. Hence include food which helps your body to produce leptin.

Sources of Leptin

  • Low carbohydrate foods like poultry and seafood.
  • Legumes such as quinoa, oatmeal, and lentils.

#8. Add Essential Fatty Acids To Your Diet

Muscles store calories for your day to day needs. When you burn more calories than required, you burn more fat.  

Your muscles are the first to affect before burning your fat. To avoid your muscles from getting burned, consume fatty acids in your diet.

The Omega-3 fatty acids help you prevent muscle mass and lose inches by shedding your body fat. This way, your muscles are intact, and you can lose weight without compromising on your curves. 

Sources of fatty acids

  • Fishes – salmon, tuna
  • Plant oils – flaxseed oil, soybean oil
  • Nuts and seeds – flaxseed, chia seeds

#9. Avoid Weight Loss Supplements 

Weight loss supplements are designed to burn your body calories. 

With a proper diet and exercise regime, you can drastically lose your weight. But, what about the curves?

Supplements do not differentiate between burning calories from your body. It does work uniformly through your entire body, which includes your curves as well. 

Hence, it is better to stick to your things which you can control, like the amount of food you can, your exercise rather than consuming a magic pill.

#10. Try Belly Dancing

A belly dance focuses on the continual contraction of the rectus abdominis, obliques and quadratus lumborum of your core. Through the hip movements and shimmies, belly dance works on your core muscles and encourages you to embrace your curves. 

belly dance

Additionally, adding belly dancing to your routine will burn your calories which in turn help you lose weight, including your belly.

You should try to do at least 20 minutes of belly dancing with an accelerated heart rate for at least 3 to 5 days a week. Note that you should warm up your body before starting the dance.

If you are a beginner in belly dancing, you can watch video to get proper guidance.

Final Thoughts

Losing weight, maintaining and developing your curve is not an overnight process. You are transitioning into a new healthy life that can create drastic changes in your body.

At first, you may see no results at all. Or you may find it challenging to stick to lifestyle changes. That is ok.

If you are losing weight initially, you may notice that you may have looser skin, smaller butt and lost some of your curves. Do not be surprised and do not give up. 

Keep eating clean, follow all the exercise regimes and practices discussed in this article. Remember you are in this for the long term and you will fetch good results.

If you are on any kind of medication, talk to your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise plan.